ARTPOPstudio Exclusive Interview: Vrettos Vrettakos talks about his designs, inspirations and Beyoncé

Vrettos Vrettakos was born in Athens and his business is based in London. He is among the top graduates of the famous Royal College of Art in London, holding an MBA in women clothing. Despite from 2005 he became an acclaimed designer from the underground scene, with his pieces sold by boutiques such as Sobuki and Dover Street Market, his brand received the attention of the general public when Beyoncé decided to wear his dazzling designs during the ‘The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’.

Days before Beyoncé takes the stage in Paris wearing Vrettos’ designs during the two european dates of the ‘On The Run Tour’, we chat with the man behind some of the most iconic looks of Queen B.

Your clothes seem to be designed in the canvas of the entertainment world to be seen in events such as red carpets, music videos or concerts. What is the concept that you want to express with your work?

I conceive fashion as a form of art and expression. That is why I like to use my pieces to transform mentalities and specially to empower woman to feel strong and embrace them selves.

Are you interested in the conversion that we live now a days of the culture into entertainment and the entertainment into culture? in your opinion, where does fashion stand in this subject?

Yes; everything that we are experiencing in culture is quite exciting as it is changing very fast with social media. In my opinioin, fashion is also a way of life and it can be used to express multiple messages through the fantasy and imaginary that it represents.

What are the influences and references in the craft you develop?

Iconic women always play a big part in my collections; as well as London, an incredible city where I experienced growth both as a person and a designer.

What type of woman do you like to dress?

I don’t have a specific type. I like to work with women that feel comfortable in their own skins, embracing their imperfections as much as the features they like the most. In my designs, I transpose real, natural beauty to hypericonic pieces influenced by glam and elements that seem to come from out of this world. I like to create a fantasy with what I design.

During the most intimate part of Beyonce’s ‘Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’, she wore your already iconic long sleeve navy shimmery jumpsuit with a cut-out detail in the neck. How did this collaboration with the performer came about?

My partner Dennis Kolpodinos knows Ty Hunter, Beyonce’s personal stylist, from the past. When the ‘Narcissisme’ collection was presented in Moscow, the entire collection was sent to him the next day. When he received it, he told us he was very excited about us colaborating together. Ty is very gifted and generous, a wonderful man.

Tell us about the concept of the Narcissisme collection.

The concept was the glam pop divas from the early seventies as well as the disco mood from the parties at Studio 54, the crystals and sequins, the shiny sparkle beauty… We worked with so many different references from that period of time.

What do you think that makes Beyoncé so ‘Beyoncé’?

She is a real living icon, a legendary figure and one of the best entertainers of all time. There is nobody quite like her. It is a dream come true to have dressed her in multiple occasions.

Did you have the opportunity to attend to the ‘Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’? How did you feel when you saw Beyoncé wearing your design while singing some of her greatest hits such as ‘Love on top’ or ‘Survivor’?

I had the opportunity to attend to the first show of the tour in Serbia. I was speechless, even now I find no words to express how emotional, happy and full of awe I was when she began to sing some of her hits wearing my outfit… just incredible.

What are your ultimate goals as a fashion designer?

I want to be remembered as a visionary, unique, provocateur, spectacular, creative, glam, theatrical, heretical designer that gave his life for his ultimate passion: create an illusion where we all feel comfortable in our own skin.

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